AMQ Financial Services ("AMQ") provide Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management ("ERM") and Internal Audit Services that comply with best practice guidance and/or legislated requirements.

AMQ help our clients by:

  • Providing training for Boards of Directors on their Corporate Governance responsibilities and how they can be fulfilled;
  • Working with the Boards and/or their designates to develop and implement effective ERM and Internal Audit practices within the organisation;
  • Providing outsourced or co-sourced internal audit services to our clients;
  • Working with the Board and Executive Management to effectively co-ordinate and communicate ERM responsibilities throughout the organisation to help ensure that the process achieves its objectives and does not become just an administrative exercise.

AMQ have significant clients in this sector in the Republic of Ireland.  We have a practical insight into what strategies are effective and what strategies are not. AMQ understands the effect of the geographical disconnect between Corporate and Subsidiary management and the methods that need to be employed by Corporate Executives and the Board to ensure that these disconnects are bridged through effective communication strategies.

We can provide practical advice on how the Board and Corporate Executive Teams can work together to ensure that risks are effectively management and corporate governance principles are clearly communicated and adhered to throughout the business.

The principles promoted by Best Practice Corporate Governance Guidelines are good principals for any substantial business to adopt, whether legislatively required to or not. Once businesses grow to a size where they are too large to be controlled by the direct supervision of the owner, then more formal and structured monitoring mechanisms need to be put in place. The extent and type of measures will vary with the scale of the business.