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Selling your Business

We have clients who, from time to time, are interested in acquiring Irish businesses.  They are interested in continuing to run the business into the future and continue the legacy of current owners in so far as that is possible.

This may be something that interests you if: 

  • You are approaching retirement and want to extract tax free money from your business;

  • You want to take on new and different challenges and wish to dispose of your current business

  • Your business is profitable and could grow significantly with additional capital.

Our clients have no preordained requirements as to whether the current owner continues to work in the business or not.  It is important that the post sale situation makes financial and commercial sense and that a productive business exists after the deal that has the potential to continues to profitably operate and grow into the future.

Our clients are looking for businesses with EBITDA between €150K to €1m per annum and a fully functioning management team in place post sale.  Our clients will only acquire a minimum 51% shareholding in any business.

Please contact me on the number below if this is of interest.  Please note we are not in a position to make commitments for our clients.  All discussions will be conducted in confidence.

Thank you

Michael Queally

065 6703767

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