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Our Story

Since 2010, our world-class team has been delivering Business Advisory services to the world’s best clients.

We have earned a reputation as a leader in our field - a skilled team of local experts. We are a dynamic and fast-growing business, while still maintaining a more personal and boutique-firm feel.


We tailor our services to your requirements, placing great emphasis on building enduring relationships. We have built these long-term relationships with some of Ireland's top companies, working on a broad range of projects.



We benefit from a hands-on leadership team, who have first hand experience in the areas they advise on. Each of the teams are lead by a director who has cross sector knowledge creating many benefits. 

How We Work

The team at AMQ are focused on how we can use our expertise and experience to create business success stories for you.

By listening to and understand your needs, we use our specialist knowledge to support you devising effective solutions to issues affecting your business.


We deliver a proactive service to drive your business forward.

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