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What  can we do for you?

We provide a wide range of tailored to suit your business needs. 

Everything we do is knowledge led and based on years of industry experience.

Audit &


In a continually changing regulatory environment which demands that companies have access to advice which will help them adapt to the new financial landscape.

Businesses are under increasing pressure to ensure their audit and financial reporting meet ever more robust requirements.

We are registered Auditors in the Republic of Ireland and the UK.  Our Audit department is lead by former “big 4” accountants who incorporate international auditing standards and provide clients with a high value service.


We  conduct external audits across small, medium and large companies. We also provide specialist audits in many areas including Horizon 2020 grant applications and Pension Fund audits.

AMQ has business advisory service combines extensive in house expertise and a panel of external partner advisors who consult with us, in niche areas. 


The AMQ team will assist you, to  develop your business. 


We can assist with:

  • Raising Finance

  • Strategic Planning

  • Product Costing

  • Accounting System Implementation and/or Improvement

  • Buying a Business

  • Selling a Business

  • Restructuring a Business



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The requirements of being an employer have changed considerably in recent years with a multitude of new regulations and increasingly complex employment taxation and pay regulations.

Our Payroll Services offering ensures that clients comply with Irish Revenues requirements for payroll. 


Our services includes:

  • Processing payroll

  • Making submissions to Revenue for each Payroll cycle

  • Issuing Payslips by email to employees

  • Create bank files to enable clients to pay net wages to their employees

  • Sending journal posting information to the organisations bookkeeping



Our VAT Services helps clients comply with VAT rules.  Client’s requirements in this area vary significantly. 


Services we offer to help clients ensure they comply with their VAT obligations include:


  • Providing bookkeeping services in house and preparing vat returns

  • Training client employees to maintain books and records and prepare vat returns

  • Advising clients on suitable accounting systems for their business

  • Assisting clients in the appointment of  full-time bookkeeping staff

  • Providing agency bookkeeping staff from our panel of bookkeepers to clients


Vat Review and Submission

  • Review Vat prepared by clients prior to its submission

  • Submission of VAT returns to Revenue on behalf of clients

  • Helping clients reconcile VAT returns with Return of Trading Details for submission to Revenue





In today's very fast-paced business environment, working smarter and faster is key; understanding how your business is performing in real-time. 

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence along with Cloud Computing, have lead to a number of  significant innovations in the market place that can help businesses work smarter, improve their financial information and the timeliness in which it is available

Our expert team can guide you through the solutions to help you choose what solutions best suit your business.  These innovations we believe will significantly improve your management information and reduce your cost of producing it.

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Setting up a company in Ireland or the UK is  complex. There are a number of regulatory requirements which need to be satisfied before the company can be formed. Our team will guide you through this process to make it seamless and easy.

Company Formation

We will take your details and liaise with the Companies Office in Ireland or Companies House in the UK to get the company set up.

We maintain all statutory registers for client company. 

We also assist client’s with filings to:

  • Change Registered Office

  • Change Directors/Secretary

  • Preparation and Filing of Annual Return

  • Preparation and Filing of Special Resolutions or other related documents


Additional Company Formation Services Available

  • Appointment of an Irish Resident Director

  • Appointment of an Irish Resident Company Secretary

  • Provision of a Registered Office Address

  • Assistance with Bank Account Set up

  • Registration of the Company for Tax Headings

  • Registration of Non Resident Directors with Irish or UK Revenue to obtain a PPS Number


Business Acquisition

and Disposal

Targeting new development or expansion via acquisitions and mergers can be a key strategy for many businesses with growth ambitions. 

Similarly, there comes a time in the life of every business where current owners would like to retire and hand over the mantle to the next generation or, in many instances, simply dispose of the business for a fair price.


Our Team has extensive experience in advising clients on acquisitions and disposals.  We have a detailed understanding of the benefits and the challenges of the Mergers & Acquisitions process. 


We can assist you though-out the process and provide you with the advice you need. 

In many businesses, owners buy or sell businesses infrequently. 

Inexperience in managing this process and/or appointing the wrong advisors for your size of business can prove to be expensive mistakes.





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